Jun 14, 2022

When you think of poverty, what do you envision?

In Houston, poverty affects 23 percent of children under five years and 34 percent of single-parent households. Poverty affects us more than what we believe to be the stereotype.

At The Salvation Army of Greater Houston, we know that difficulties surpass what meets the eye. Neighbors in our community who work hard every day but cannot afford necessities like rent, food, healthcare, and transportation are considered Asset, Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed (ALICE). Across the Greater Houston area, over 237,000 working adults and 1 in 4 households are ALICE. We provide services to members of our community who are considered ALICE and our homeless population.

Throughout our three-county area, Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery, 14 percent of the county population lives in poverty. However, the good news is that the percentage is decreasing faster than any other metropolitan city in the nation, and The Salvation Army is part of that solution.

Last year, we provided housing to 2,319 people and 410 veterans, 283,617 meals to neighbors in need of a hot meal, over $5.7 million in financial aid, and 93,314 nights of supportive shelter to clients in Greater Houston. Our variety of programs provides supportive shelter, meal assistance, employment assistance, after-school care, social services, and more.

Our Community Care Centers are the hub of these services, and The Salvation Army is fighting to end poverty year-round. It will take the fantastic support of partners and supporters like you.

Please help us Fight for Good by supporting our program here. We can end the cycle of poverty together.

Date provided by Understanding Houston.

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