Youth of the Year Ambassadors' 18th Annual Brighter Futures Awards Banquet

Mar 14, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the success of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Ambassadors' 18th Annual Brighter Futures Awards Banquet, held on March 7, 2024, at 6:30 PM at the River Oaks Country Club!


This incredible evening was dedicated to honoring and awarding college scholarships to our Youth of the Year Program participants. We are proud to share that 52 outstanding youth were awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to pursue their dreams of attending college or trade school after high school graduation.


A huge round of applause for our event co-chairs, Frances Howard and Mary Sage, for their exceptional leadership for the second year in a row! Their dedication and passion have truly made this event shine brighter each year.


We are also immensely grateful to our esteemed long-time supporters, community leaders Gina and Saib Saour, whose unwavering commitment has been instrumental in our success. In 2020, Gina Saour took on the pivotal role of Youth of the Year Brighter Future Awards Banquet Chair and spearheaded the Youth of the Year Ambassador Program, changing lives and shaping futures in a tremendous way.


At The Salvation Army, we are dedicated to raising funds for scholarships, providing essential training in public speaking, life skills, basic business etiquette, extensive essay writing, and more. Our Youth of the Year participants embark on a journey of growth, learning valuable life skills, and building their scholarship funds as early as 12 years of age through our annual YOY competition.


Together, we're empowering the next generation of leaders, one scholarship at a time. Cheers to our bright and ambitious Youth of the Year Ambassadors!


Stay tuned for more updates and stories of success as we continue to support and uplift the leaders of tomorrow.



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