Jun 14, 2022


Spring is here and marks the start of new beginnings! Many clients of The Salvation Army have a first-hand experience of hitting rock bottom but finding hope to stand again. Salvador is just one of many guests whose story with us marks a fresh start.

When Salvador started using alcohol for much more than recreational use, his life took a drastic turn.

He lost his job and the respect and trust from friends and family. He knew at that point that he had to make a difference and shift the path of his life. He knew the consequences of continuing a way of alcoholism; he would either be homeless or in jail.

"I Started Using It [Alcohol] To Numb The Feelings. It Was Something That Would Take Away The Pain Other Than Dealing With It."

Salvador found out about The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) through a friend who was a part of this program. When he first walked through The Salvation Army's doors, Salvador had to swallow his pride. Salvador didn't want to ask people for help but knew it needed to be done to find a path of hope. He says that once he got through those doors, it was fairly easy.

"I Saw What They Were Doing In My Friend's Life. I Knew What They Were Doing To Help The People Around Here. They Have The Tools That I Needed To Get Out Of This Self-Destructive Lifestyle."

The Salvation Army is the place where Salvador learned that God has a plan for him.

He just needed to take his hands off the wheel and let Him guide. Smiling now, Salvador explains he needed to get out of God's way and look forward to the next clean and sober day.

Salvador now looks forward to all the plans ahead of him. He believes that getting sober is for a purpose; that as he reaches closer to his final rehabilitation days and to God, he may be able to help somebody else going through challenging times so that they don't go through what he's been through.

"Today, I'm Sober, I'm Recovering My Confidence, Self-Awareness, And Self-Esteem, And It All Thanks To The Grace Of God And His Work Through The Salvation Army."

Thanks to you, new springs like Salvador's are possible. Thank you!


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