Jun 14, 2022


When COVID-19 hit Houston, many of our neighbors lost their jobs, forcing the most vulnerable citizens to look for help when they had never before.

That's the case of Israel, a Veteran who, after serving many years in the Air Force, faced one of the most challenging battles of life in 2020; homelessness.

After seeking help, the local Veteran Assistance office told him about The Salvation Army, and he quickly visited The Salvation Army's Center of Hope to apply for assistance. 

"I was literally down to nothing. I was displaced, didn't have a place to go. And, I prayed to God for help."

In a few days, we were able to secure a bed for Israel, but that was just the beginning. Along with the nutritious meals, he received resources that helped him to release stress to focus on the next chapter in his life.

In just a few months, Israel received the financial assistance and the training he needed to get back up on his feet while preparing to launch his business.

"I'm very humbled that people actually take their time to help individuals going through a rough time and need guidance, or need a temporary place to stay to, you know, breathe."

Today, Israel has gained back self-sustainability and is once again a productive citizen that contributes to this beautiful city that we all call home.

"As I leave this place, I'll always be reminded that The Salvation Army has been so instrumental in my life moving forward, so I'm appreciative, I'm very grateful to donors for enabling The Salvation Army to help people in need in the city of Houston."

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