Youth Services

In the community since 1946, The Salvation Army of Greater Houston serves youth of all ages at eight locations. Be it physical or spiritual needs, The Army offers programs where children and teenagers can find support and a “home away from home.”

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The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs

At five of our Corps Community Centers, children are given a safe environment in which to explore and maximize their potential after school. In the summertime, parents are also offered the opportunity to have their children participate in our summer day camp program.

Upward Bound

The Salvation Army’s Upward Bound college preparatory program assists low income and first generation students pursue a post-secondary education. The program is offered at two high school campuses in Southwest Houston.

Youth of the Year Scholarship Program

Youth of the Year is a Boys & Girls Clubs scholarship competition that provides year-round youth development for our Club members ages 12 to 18. Winners earn scholarships for continued education upon graduating from high school.

Administrative Office – Area Command

1500 Austin St.

Houston, Texas 77002

(832) 201-8076

Executive Director: Doug Smith

Youth Education Manager: Dedre M. Smith

Secretary II: Vacant