Berryniece Williams, Resident of William Booth Garden Apts.

Resident Since ’04

Williams has been a resident at William Booth Garden Apartment for more than twelve years. She filled out her application after learning a friend of hers had moved in. Today, she’s 89 years old and “wouldn’t want to be
anywhere else.”

About Berryniece Williams

Williams was married for thirty-six years until her husband’s passing in 1981. For the next twenty-two years she lived on her own in a small, old house, where she began to fear for her safety. Williams recounted that her house was always cold, but it was all she could afford.

Life at William Booth Garden Apartments

Thanks to the Army’s affordable living apartment complexes, which include William Booth in Houston and  Evangeline Booth in Pasadena, Williams doesn’t fear for her safety and can afford a nice, clean apartment even though her only source of income is her social security check.

“Anything you need, you report to the office and they get it fixed. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t moved here.”