The Grooms Family, Social Services Fort Bend

Life of the Grooms Family

Despite being raised by parents with severe mental illnesses, Dalesia Aprill Grooms found professional success at an early age. After gaining experience, she climbed the corporate ladder and had three children. Unfortunately, life took an unpleasant turn and after fourteen years she left her well-paying job as she dealt with postpartum depression and to better care for her children.

After a legal dispute, one of the children’s fathers accused Grooms of neglect to Child Protective Services, a claim that was later disproved. After five months, she got her children back but her savings were depleted and she had no job.  They were evicted and lived at a homeless shelter for six months.

Enter The Salvation Army Social Services

Once connected to our Fort Bend Social Services, the family moved to an apartment through the rental assistance program. She was also connected to other programs, including tax services, counseling and United Way’s THRIVE program.

Now her children are in school and she is working again. Soon, her youngest will be in school the full day and Grooms will be able to focus on her career again. “I am doing the best I can for my family and my priority is that we stay together.”