Bryan Kelly, Adult Rehabilitation Center

Texan Born and Raised

Bryan was born and raised in Santa Fe, Texas. He wanted to see the world so he joined the Navy after high school, where he served for over a year until he was honorably discharged.

For the next several years, Bryan waited tables to pay his way through college. He graduated with an Associate’s
Degree but also picked up an addiction to pain killers during this time. He held different jobs and secured a full
time job with a chemical plant but was fired shortly after because of his addiction. Jobless and facing eviction, Bryan
knew he needed help.

Enter the Adult Rehabilitation Center

Bryan entered the Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in September 2014 and graduated six months later. He moved
into the ARC’s Transitional Living Center and started working full time driving a truck for the ARC.

Today, Bryan has his own place, owns a car and is a Salvation Army Family Store manager. “My life is back on track
after having lost everything.”