Little Caesars Love Kitchen

Little Caesars Love Kitchen visits the Harbor Light Center

Men from Harbor Light Center enjoy Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas

Harbor Light client enjoying pizza

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For several years now, Little Caesars Pizza has brought their Love Kitchen to prepare pizzas for the clients staying at our Salvation Army Harbor Light Center & Red Shield Lodge, located near Downtown Houston.  This year was no different. The Love Kitchen pulled up to the center around 12:30 p.m. to begin preparing pizzas.

Beginning at 3 p.m., men from our Recovery Program, Veterans Program and emergency shelter began lining up and receiving two slices each -accompanied with spinach, fruit cocktail, and salad. Little Caesars prepared 80 pizzas that were distributed to about 300 men.

Thank you Little Caesars Pizza for cooking this delicious treat for the men in our program!

About Little Caesars Love Kitchen

According to their website, the Love Kitchen travels across the United States to help those in need. They have two trucks in operation so that it can be of service 365 days a year. These restaurants on wheels have served more than three million people.

Little Caesars franchise owners donate the resources necessary to make each Love Kitchen serving a success. An estimated 50,000 franchisees, their employees and corporate colleagues have volunteered over the years to support the program in their local communities.

To learn more visit their website by clicking here.


The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Host Annual Lift & Love Tea

Women from Family Residence and Sally’s House enjoy three-course meal, tea and Zumba


No matter what your past has been, it does not dictate what your future holds. Only you and God know what your purpose is. Fight for that purpose.

This was the recurring theme at this year’s Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary “Lift & Love” Tea that took place on Tuesday, March 21st, from 2 to 4 p.m., at the Hilton Americas-Houston Hotel.

Every year the Women’s Auxiliary invites women from The Salvation Army’s Family Residence – women and children’s homeless shelter, and Sally’s House – women’s emergency shelter and residential recovery program, to enjoy a three-course meal, hear inspirational words, and drink tea; of course.

Inspirational Words of Hope and Support

This year’s co-chairs were Kathy Goossen and Ginger Blanton. They welcomed more than fifty guests to the tea including members of the Women’s Auxiliary Executive Committee. The Chaplain for the Women’s Auxiliary, Sidney Faust, gave the devotional and was followed by remarks from the Hilton Americas-Houston Hotel, General Manager, Jacques Drovencourt, who has been a treasured supporter of The Salvation Army for many years.

After enjoying their meal, guests had the opportunity to hear Bridgett Tyler speak. Tyler spoke about the difficult times in her life, including a six-month stay at the Family Residence. She spoke about her journey and of not letting her past determine what the future has in store for her. Today she has been employed at a bank for over twenty years and she spoke proudly about the success of her two grown daughters. “Ladies, hope will get you through these trying times. I love you and I want you to know that just as I am on this stage sharing my story with you, you too will be on this stage sharing your story in the future.”

Zumba Time

To conclude the event, The Salvation Army Associate Area Commander, Major Melody Davis, and Family Residence’s Program Manager, Shirah Villegas, led a four-song Zumba session where guests wore their new headbands, Lift & Love t-shirts, and socks –gifts from the Women’s Auxiliary. Davis and Villegas also spoke about why they became certified Zumba instructors and the importance fitness has had in their lives.

Upcoming Events

The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary is a volunteer, educational and fundraising arm of The Salvation Army in the Greater Houston Area Command.

On April 18, they will host their annual major fundraiser Reflections on Style Luncheon and Fashion Show. The following day, the Chic Boutique Showroom opens to the general public, from April 19 to the 22nd, at 1111 Uptown Park Blvd. This four-day sales event consist of high-end clothing and accessories at an affordable price.

All proceeds from both events benefit The Salvation Army of Greater Houston’s year-round programs and services.

21 March - Family Store

The Three R’s of Spring Cleaning: Reduce, Reuse, Rehabilitate

The Salvation Army Family Stores save lives through the Adult Rehabilitation Center

Spring signifies new beginnings… flowers blooming, gardens colored in lush green. For many, this season also ushers in the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning. Just as winter has made way to a picturesque landscape, so too cluttered homes make way to organized and tidy living spaces.

If you tackled on this project over the weekend or are barely making plans to do so, we invite you to donate items you have removed from your home to The Salvation Army. Not only will you be reducing unwanted or unneeded items, you are also allowing others to reuse it and helping men get rehabilitated.

By shopping at one of our Family Stores you are not only helping save our environment, by reusing items that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill, but you are also saving the lives of men who are battling addiction. Our Adult Rehabilitation Centers or “ARCs,” as we refer to them for their acronym, have been providing residential substance abuse recovery for over 100 years. In fact, The Salvation Army is the largest provider of this type of service in the country.

FREE Substance Abuse Recovery Program

A residential drug and alcohol recovery program can cost thousands of dollars, and for someone who is trying to hold together what little life their addiction hasn’t destroyed yet, this cost can mean the difference between living and existing.

Bryan Kelly, ARCBrian Kelly was born and raised in Santa Fe, Texas, a city located 10 miles from Galveston. Growing up his life revolved around sports. He dreamed of playing basketball at the University of Texas but an injury that required multiple surgeries and pain prescriptions kept him from doing so. Unfortunately, this led to an addiction that lasted about seven years. He eventually graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science but had difficulty holding on to a job. Jobless, penniless and about to be evicted from his home, Kelly sought help at the ARC in September 2014. During his six-month stay in the program, Kelly not only addressed the source of his addiction but he was also able to get his life back on track. He worked as a truck driver for our Family Stores and worked his way up to store manager.

Today, almost three years later, Kelly says life couldn’t be any better. “The Salvation Army helped me turn my life around. I participated in the Chevron Houston Marathon’s Run for a Reason program, on behalf of The Salvation Army, and the running bug bit me. Since then I have ran three half and two full marathons. I am currently training to participate in my first triathlon. I am the healthiest I have ever been!”

Your Item Donations Fund the ARC

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers do not solicit funding from the government. The ARCs are fully supported by The Salvation Army Family Stores. And our stores are stocked with inventory thanks to the generous support of its local community. Every time you visit a Family Store in your area, you have the guarantee that the money you are spending is helping men get a second chance in life.

As you declutter your home, we invite you to add us to your plans of helping get those items you no longer need off your hands. There are many easy ways to donate these items to The Salvation Army:

  • Call 1-800-SA-TRUCK, or 713-869-3551 Ext. 1 if you live in the Greater Houston Area, to schedule a pick up.
  • Visit to schedule your pick up online.
  • Download our app to your mobile phone. Not only can you schedule a pick up but you can also find our Family Store and donation bin locations, as well as get donation receipts.
  • Stop by one of our many drop off locations, including our seven Family Stores.

To learn more about the Adult Rehabilitation Center or our Salvation Army Family Stores, please visit

Officer praying in temple

The Joy in Lent

Three Ways You Can Begin Your Journey this Lenten Season

The forty days leading up to Easter is a special time. While Lent is marked by serious reflection of one’s life, this is not the absolute focus of the season. Lent, ultimately, is about blessed preparation toward becoming more Christ-like with God’s help.

One of the first places where Jesus mentions what our lives should look like is in His “Beatitudes.” The Beatitudes are a Christian’s guide for life and teaches us what our attitudes, as believers, should be after this self-reflection.

In Matthew 5:3 the Bible says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (NIV)” This is not meant to be a financial or depressive condition. Jesus is teaching us to be conscious of our own sin and realize  that we are totally dependent on Him for salvation. The word “blessed” in this context means happy. It is not about sorrow or feeling down, but about joy.

Time of Reflection

During this season of Lent we should be reflecting and rejoicing in the fact that God loves us, Jesus saves us, and the Holy Spirit lives in us. Only by knowing and accepting this dependence on God can we truly embrace Him in our daily living and realize that there is life in Jesus.

Instead of beating ourselves up over what we did not do this past year, take these forty days to learn to depend on God, and to do so with clarity and joy. This is the time to return to God’s Spirit so that our lives are in line with Jesus’ actions and attitudes.

Three ways to begin your journey of Lenten Joy

  1. Recognize your own sin.

Sensitivity to sin does not mean a constant state of despair, but of joy. Only by recognizing our sins do we know that God is speaking to us.

  1. Allow God to melt your heart.

Have you ever cried, or almost cried, when you are watching a movie? This sensitivity is what God wants in your relationship with Him. See yourself for what you are and allow God to help you.

  1. Stretch your response, don’t narrow it.

As you become more sensitive to whom you are, you become more aware of your standing before God. You are more aware of the forgiveness God has provided for you. This awareness also brings a whole new outlook about others, seeing people as someone to love instead of someone to use.

Serving Others

The late William Booth, the Founder of The Salvation Army, wanted to contact his officers and soldiers around the world with a message of encouragement. He sent a telegram but, in order to save money, the telegram read one word, “Others”. This was a reminder to them that we are never more like Jesus than when we are serving others.

If, for you, Lent is a time to serve those who are in need, we invite you to volunteer with us. The Salvation Army has a wide variety of programs that serve children, the elderly, and the homeless. We are always in need of volunteers who would like to provide Christ-like help to those who are most in need.

You Are Invited

We also invite you to join us at one of our five Corps (churches) for Sunday worship. We would especially love to see you at one of our Corps for Palm Sunday, April 9th, and/or Easter service, April 16th.

To learn how you can get involved, we invite you to reach out to the location nearest you or call our main number (713) 752-0677 to learn more.


About the Author:

Major David Feeser is the Officer of our Salvation Army Northwest Corps Community Center.  Major Feeser, along with his wife Major Louise Feeser, have served at our Northwest location since 2013.

Hilda Jeronimo,Diego Cervantes, Tesfamichael Negussie - winners of YOY

$64,000 Awarded to 24 Youth at 2017 Youth of the Year Scholarship Awards Banquet

Family Residence children at shelter

Double your Giving through Corporate Employee Matching Gift Programs

What is a Corporate Match and how do they benefit The Salvation Army?

Corporate matching gift programs are charitable giving programs setup by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. For example, if a donor works for Chevron and donates $100 to The Salvation Army, Chevron will double the donation by also writing a check for $100.

Thousands of companies offer matching gift programs. A few examples include:

  • Chevron Corporation – Matches donation with $1:$1 up to $10,000 annually per employee and retiree.
  • ConocoPhillips – Matches donations with $1:$1 up to $10,000 annually per employee and retiree.
  • Shell Oil Co. – Matches donations with $1:$1 up to $5,500 annually per employee and retiree.

The impact of these programs can be substantial! In 2011, Microsoft matched $48.9 million worth of employee donations to schools and 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Did you know that more than 15 million employees work for companies with matching gift programs?

Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant information provided by
Powered by Double the Donation

Want to help The Salvation Army?

Increasing fundraising from matching gifts isn’t rocket science. Last year we raised over $100,000 from matching gifts. We know many of our donors work for companies with matching gift programs and we’ve set a goal of raising $150,000 from these programs. If we meet our goal, we’ll be able to better meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

You can immediately assess your eligibility and gain access to detailed corporate giving information about your employer by searching our database of companies with matching gift programs.

We provide you with as much of the following as possible:

  • Up-to-date company policies
  • Minimum volunteer hours required
  • Printed forms or links to the online submission process
  • Our nonprofit’s contact information (Tax ID, address, fundraising contact)

If your company isn’t listed, make sure to check with HR as there are many additional companies out there who offer volunteer grant programs. We wish we could submit the required form for you, but unfortunately the employee must submit it. We appreciate you taking five minutes to double your donation.

Are you ready to double your giving? Click here to get started.

2016 Youth of the Year scholarship recipients

2017 Youth of the Year

2017 Youth of the Year Scholarship Awards Banquet

Bright Futures

March 1, 2017

Event Chairs:Rhonda Jones, Debby Leighton, Joella Mach

YOY bulb

Youth of the Year

Keeping in mind the educational obstacles faced by many of our youth members, the Youth of the Year Scholarship Program was established in 2005 to encourage academic success and a college-going culture among students. The scholarship program is a year-round youth development program for Boys & Girls Club members ages 10 – 18.
Each fall, the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Houston holds a Youth of the Year Contest in which all youth who meet the requirements can compete in a speech and interview contest judged by local community leaders. The participants are responsible for completing a three-minute speech about how they have been positively affected personally and academically by club leaders and fellow members. After listening to each of the students, the judges choose winners in each age group based on the content, presentation, and overall message of the speech.
Winners and finalists in each of the divisions are awarded college scholarships at the annual Youth of the Year Scholarship Banquet. Last year, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs awarded $125,000 to a total of 20 recipients.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks to sponsors, The Salvation Army has been able to award over a $1 million to over 200 participants for the past ten years. We invite you to help support Bright Futures by becoming a sponsor of our Youth of the Year scholarship program.

Levels of Sponsorship

$5,000     Building Blocks to Success
$3,000     Dreams of Today / Realities of Tomorrow
$2,500     Unleash Your Potential
$1,500     A Step in the Right Direction
$175         Individual Ticket

Summer Camp Assistance

Can’t make it out to the event but still want to support The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs? Please consider making a financial contribution.
$500     Allows 2 youth to attend camp for 10 weeks
$250     Allows 1 youth to attend camp for 10 weeks
$100     Allows 1 youth to attend camp for 4 weeks
$50       Provides for camp field trips
$25       Provides for camp supplies
For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Garces, Development Director, at (832) 201-8016 or



Motivated by the love of God, the Mission of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Houston is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring Christ-centered citizens. 

Super Bowl donations

Super Bowl selects The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs

NFL and Super Bowl Host Committee select our Boys & Girls Clubs

The Salvation Army is so grateful that our Boys & Girls Clubs were selected by the NFL and the Super Bowl Host Committee to benefit from the Super Kids-Super Sharing project.

Super Kids-Super Sharing is one of several projects created by the NFL to respond to the environmental impact of Super Bowl events and to leave a positive, “green” legacy in the host communities.

Super Kids-Super Sharing Project

On January 19th, more than 22 thousand books, pieces of sports equipment, school supplies and games donated by greater Houston area students were distributed to local agencies serving underserved youth.

The items collected by The Salvation Army will be used at our five area Boys & Girls Clubs whose mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

About The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs

We serve 400 youth on any given day, and our curriculum focuses on five core areas including: arts and music, healthy lifestyle choices, sports and fitness activities, leadership and character building opportunities, and academic support

Angel Tree bags in gym with volunteers

Christmas 2016 a success thanks to your support!

Thanks to your support, we had another successful Christmas season. We were able to help individuals and families in need with holiday assistance thanks to all of our volunteers and donors.

The Angel Tree program provided gifts to over 20,000 children and seniors thanks to the support of 188 Corporate Partners and 500 volunteers at our Santa’s Secret Warehouse. That’s 8,200 families we assisted with Christmas gifts.

Making sure all enjoy a holiday feast, the Harbor Light Center and Family Residence served a combined 2,272 meals with the support of 348 volunteers on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

And a staple during the Christmas season, our iconic red kettles collected a total of $1,132,705 at 525 locations.

THANK YOU! You touched the lives and enriched the holidays of many in the Greater Houston Area.

YARC receives Opportunity Award

The Salvation Army receives Opportunity Award from H-GAC

Our Great Region Awards

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) presented the first Our Great Region Awards in early December to recognize outstanding local projects that advance goals and strategies identified in their Our Great Region 2040 plan.

Opportunity Award

Of the five awards presented, The Salvation Army of Greater Houston received The Opportunity Award. This award honors a project that helps to overcome disparities in access to opportunity. The Salvation Army received this recognition for its Young Adult Resource Center (YARC) program.

About the Houston-Galveston Area Council

The Houston-Galveston Area Council is a voluntary association of local governments in the 13-county Gulf Coast Planning Region—an area of 12,500 square miles and more than 6 million people. H-GAC works to promote efficient and accountable use of local, state, and federal tax dollars and serves as a problem-solving and information forum for local government needs.