Angel Tree Gift Assistance Program

Since 1889, The Salvation Army has provided Christmas assistance for disadvantaged children and seniors
in our community. Through the Angel Tree Program, you become personally involved by choosing a specific
“Angel” to bring Christmas to.

Last year, 20,000 children and seniors in Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend counties received gifts for Christmas. We are able to provide this assistance thanks to the generosity of individual donors, corporations, civic organizations, service groups and religious organizations.

How Does Angel Tree Work?

Typically during the month of October, families will have the opportunity to register children and/or senior citizens in this Christmas gift assistance program. Once the children and seniors have been registered in the program, angel tags are printed with that individual’s name, age, gender, gift requests and a code number.

Once all the gifts are received, Salvation Army officers, staff and volunteers will sort the gifts according to the code number and prepare the gifts for distribution. A week before Christmas, parents are scheduled to come back to the locations where they registered to pick up the new and unwrapped gifts.

How Can You Participate?

You can adopt an angel three different ways:

  1. If your company participates in our Corporate Angel Tree Program, you may adopt an Angel through them.
  2. At a Participating Mall. A list of participating malls will be posted in early November.
  3. Online. A link will be provided in early November.

If I participate, how does my participation look like?

Once you have adopted an angel you will…

  1. Purchase items from their wish list.
  2. Return the new and unwrapped gifts with the angel tag.
  3. Bring the gifts to The Salvation Army. Depending on how you adopted your angel, that could be to either your company, directly to Santa’s Secret Warehouse or the mall.

How Much Does it Cost?

That’s up to you. There is not a set amount. It depends on how many gifts you purchase for your Angel Tree child or senior. We have found that the average cost is around $60 to $70. We encourage our partners to purchase the wish list items on the tag and a few clothing items.

Have more questions?

Contact Carmen Zermeño, Christmas Coordinator, at (832) 201-8018 or